Technical Difficulties

My Dell Laptop, aka command center for Woman Obsessed, is currently dead. Revival is estimated for Thursday afternoon... In the mean time,

DON'T BUY A DELL! I've owned this thing for a year and a half and have had 7 problems requiring service calls. 2 of those resulted in misdiagnosed issues, and the most recent fried my battery and heaven only knows what else.

We (hope) to return to regularly scheduled blogging upon the resurrection of the laptop...


meg said...

You know, I had to get 3 laptops before I got one without problems....and don't even get P. started on Dell customer support. He ended up with 7 extra connection cables when all he needed was an internal zip drive!

Allena said...

i just recently got a lap top (like 4 months) i got a sony viao. i enjoy it! you may want to check them out. i have a friend with a imac and she loves it... anyways hope things get better!