Resolution Check: Week of 1/16

Pounds lost since January 1: 6

Yarn bought since January 1: Still None

Number of dinners cooked week of 1/16: 1 (goal is 3), but was out of town 4 nights

Number of lunches brought from home week of 1/16: None (goal is 3)

Number of workouts week of 1/16 (goal is 4): 3 (goal is 4)

Number of old-fashioned letters written in January: None yet.


jeannie said...

Hang in there - you're doing better than batting zero. :) Even NY & Minnesota are warm right now.

jen said...

Very impressive! I think I have lost .5 lbs, also brought no lunches, gave up on my no frozen food resolution after 1.5 weeks, and have drunk probably a thimbleful of water (my resolution was to drink the recommended 8 glasses) since Jan 1.