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Direct from Knitorious: "Select 5 people to tag. I agree with Celia, "...I know these things are akin to chain letters and they take some time, but there's nothing like direct questions to learn more about folks." Personally, I copy and paste into a new post, save it as a draft, work on it for however long it takes, and then publish it -- sometimes it's nice to have a heat-and-serve post ready to pull out of the freezer, you know?"

I'm tagging some ABQ bloggers, courtesy of Meg's recent post. Consider yourself tagged, and do as you see fit: Meg, Rebecca (Aussie Girl in ABQ), Scout's Knitted Swag, The Frayed Knot, and Strange Little Mama.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Starting my second semester of college (holy crap, I'm old!). There was so much going on then- boyfriend, parent's divorce... but it was a great semester. We had a lot of snow in late Januray that year- very fun.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Starting my second semester of law school. I think I had just gotten my first semester grades, and was pretty psyched about how I had done.

What were you doing 1 hour ago?
Procrastinating- reading blogs instead of working on my law review note.

List five creative things you want to achieve this year:
1. Get back in the habit of cooking. When I'm cooking fairly regularly, I take more risks with flavors and dishes. Confidence breeds creativity.
2. Find creative projects to make the most of the yarn I have.
3. Maybe even design a knit pattern!
4. Take better pictures. Experiment with macro mode.
5. I want to improve my legal writing. Not exactly creative, but something I need to work on. My legal writing tends to be very dense and technical. I use lots of quotes and complex sentences. Good legal writing is much more accessible- shorter, clearer statements, more persuasive in its simplicity.

List five snacks you enjoy:
1. Fruit
2. Cheese sticks or cheese and crackers
3. Chocolate
4. Real Coke. Only when I'm feeling really not diet oriented.
5. Peanut butter

List five things you would do if money were no object:
1. Spend a year living abroad, or travel around the world. Go to the moon. Maybe all three.
2. Buy a house.
3. Learn auto mechanics.
4. Make a big donation to my alma mater, so financial concerns don't force them to go co-ed.
5. Fix the health care system in this country.

List five bad habits:
1. I bite my fingernails.
2. I am pretty judgmental.
3. I'm not particularly humble.
4. I have a hard time letting go.
5. I HATE admitting that I'm wrong or that I don't know something.

List five things you like doing:
1. Knitting
2. Skiing
3. Being with Mr. C, regardless of what we're doing
4. Being with girlfriends.
5. Walking

List five favorite gadgets:
1. Would have been my laptop, but I hate it now. Screw Dell.
2. My iPod Nano.
3. Ball winder and swift. Without a doubt, two of my all time favorite, most useful purposes, especially in conjunction with my kitchen scale and McMorran Yarn Balance. So, 4 gadgets for the price of one!
4. Ice cream maker. I rarely use it, but I love it when I do.
5. Google.

Name one thing you like about yourself:

I think I'm pretty interesting. Good or bad, I'm not boring.

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Book of Wu said...

I love your 'list 5 things...' it's great!! :-) I might have to follow your lead.