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Hi there!

I am suddenly extremely aware of exactly why I fell off the face of the blogging planet exactly this time last year. Completely overwhelmed. I'm going to try to hang in there!

Here's what my Mondays look like:
7:00: get up, scramble to shower and get out the door.
8:00-Go to school.
Go to work
Go back to school
Go back to work
Go back to school.
7:00: get out of school, go home.
7:30: scarf dinner while doing homework until 11.
11:00 try to sleep.

The other days are all the same, with the exception of Tuesday nights, my ray of hope, KNIT NIGHT. Ah, sweet leisure time! How I long for thee! Unfortunately, my weekends are looking like:
Saturday: go to school, catch up and do law review stuff.
Sunday: go to work, catch up and do work stuff.

Gee, I am SO MUCH FUN I can barely stand it. Somebody stop me before I party out of control!!!!!

I do have some knitting related news.
1. I finished the brown rainbow sparkle scarf. Looks pretty cool. I even have a picture, I just don't have time to load it.
2. I wore my Orangina to a job interview today under my suit, and it looked awesome. See #1 for explanation of why there is no picture.

No SockaPalTwoZa socks yet. You can rest assured that I will MAKE time to post a picture of those when they arrive. Until then, this is as good as it gets.

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