What a beautiful world?

I don't get very political here, mostly because I don't have the fire that a lot of my more passionate friends have. But I have to say that I am so sad about what's happening in our world right now.

The stampede in Iraq is heartbreaking. It is so sad that people are living in such a constant state of fear that rumors alone caused over 900 people to die in a horrible, horrible way.

And the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is appalling. I'm sure no one anticipated how bad things would get. I'm worried about the people in the southeast, the people in New Orleans, the people who have been displaced. I'm worried about gas prices and our fragile economy. Mostly I'm just sad that things have devolved to such misery and violence in New Orleans. My heart goes out to the people who have been affected. Not that it matters much in terms of dollars or food or sanitation, but I'm sorry nonetheless.

Thanks for bearing with me. Will hopefully be more upbeat tomorrow. It's amazing how contributing at all helps feel better. Here's where I chose to give- hope you feel inspired to do so, too, even if it's just $5.

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Scoutj said...

Just another Albuquerque knitter here! My best friend is moving here and found the High Desert ring and I wanted to say "Hey".