Dreaming of Knitting.

I am really wishing I had more time to knit this year. I have so many things I want to knit, and so much yarn to use up!

Some projects I'd love to do:
Rogue. I have enough of 2 different kinds of yarn that I could make it out of... Off-white Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or Navy Blue Jaeger Merino Aran.

Flora from Knitty. There are versions of this scarflett/ascot/neckwarmer thingy in almost all of this fall's fashion magazines! All the ones I saw were off-white. I have a ton of different yarns in smaller amounts that would be perfect for this: off-white pima cotton, Tilli Thomas Disco Lights in bluebell, Textiles a Manos silk/wool in variegated pinks/reds/oranges, my pale lilac single ply Alpaca from Victory Ranch and a TON of other things I can't remember... All these yarns would also make great hats, but I rarely wear hats....

Socks! I have so much sock yarn. And there's new stuff out there- have you seen Sunshine Yarns? And The Sweet Shop is about to open where Sweet Georgia will be selling her handpainted sock yarns. Do I need any more gorgeous handpainted 100% merino sock yarn in non-subtle colors? I have 8.5 pairs worth of yarn waiting for me. Literally- I counted.
Anyway, there are a million sock patterns out there that I want to make. Lots in Folk Socks, lots in Knitting on the Road, lots online, lots in various knitalongs, lots in old Interweave Knits, lots in Knitty.... Maybe I do need more sock yarn.

Baby stuff. I'm way behind on baby knitting. Already born knitted-gift-less babes: cousin's baby boy (born in May); college friend's baby boy (born in May); there's another one... And yet to be born babes- my law school best friend's baby arriving mid October. I'm thinking bonnets, and maybe a Knitty Trellis or two. And booties. So. Cute.

Other gifts. I have 2 gifts in progress- Mom's norwegian mittens and brother's camoflage socks. Both are kinda stalled. Should probably work on these. Also, Mr. C. wants a Team Zissou/Life Aquatic ribbed hat- already have the yarn.

And I'm dying to make one of these. Hill Country Weavers in Austin has a sample scarf like this that is absolutely spectacular.

Yeah. So a few projects.

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Jenn said...

Yeah, I know you don't *need* any, but hey I like to enable others.
Her stuff is soooooo pretty and she adds more all the time (check the blog for recent additions).
Go socks go!