I LOVE working at this firm. I'm doing really cool, challenging, somewhat important work. I'm getting good feedback from the people I work for, and it's just fantastic. YEAH!

Which begs the question, why I am going through On Campus Interviews with big boring firms that I don't really want to work for?

I guess the answer is, I feel like I'm supposed to do it, so I'm doing it. But the real reason is, the job I love doesn't pay all that well. It stinks. The big firm jobs do pay well. Very well. And over the course of a summer, it is a significant difference. As a student, that matters. Ah well. I can be bought, but I know what my price tag is. :-)



jen said...

I have been wondering about the same thing! I think, well, I really should try a big firm job because that's where all the money is. But yet, I know at a big firm they have to maintain a certain profit-per-partner ratio, so the more you're paid the more hours you are expected to work. And when you're at a big firm, you're usually working for big corporations who often do abysmal things.

But maybe it is good to give it a try to make sure you won't be haunted never trying it. And a lot of smaller firms understand you have to give the big firm thing a try and so don't hold it against you if you come back to them later (at least in LA, don't know how it is there).

I don't know what I'll end up doing -- I didn't even get a firm job my first summer!

jeannie said...

Every interview is practice. It helps you firm up in your mind what you want to say, how you want to present yourself, and how different interviews can be. It's all payin' dues, and that's all good. :) Jeannie