More food, More fiber, More fun!

Go check out Meg's pictures!

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Hike. Ouch. Hips are stiff. In a good way.

So after our little hike, we piled in the car and headed home, or so the Germans would have us believe!

On the way back, P made a suprise detour and took us to the Victory Ranch Alpaca and Llama Farm! Did I mention that P is wonderful?

So, pictures of cute furry animals:

And here's what I bought:

From Left to Right:
  • Some red and slightly purple roving with SPARKLES! From Taos Sunflower. Love this stuff!
  • Crocheted alpaca gloves from Victory Ranch. So cool and vintage looking!
  • Opal Zebra sock yarn from Taos Sunflower. Wheee! More socks!
  • Some fabulously soft alpaca singles from Victory Ranch in icy blue. LOVE it. So. Soft. Can't stop petting it.

Yes, it was a FABULOUS weekend.


Scoutj said...

Where is that store? I wonder if it's where I went when I was up there a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

yay! fiber!

BTW, you have P's permission to post his picture. he doesn't care (and he isn't posing suggestively in my nightie, right?)