SockaPalTwoZa Success!

My sock pal, Marie-france, got her socks! They made it to England in less than a week! It sounds like they fit, and she assured me that she will treasure the Koigu lovelies as much as I would have. I can now rest easy knowing my socks have a wonderful new home!

Can't WAIT to get my socks.

Ya know, it's kinda scary knitting for other knitters! But really, I'm just thrilled at the thought of something handknit for me. How cool!!!!!


Scoutj said...

Just wanted to let you know that we have Stitch 'n' Bitch tomorrow night if you are interested!

Scout aka Jamie

Allena said...

i'm the same way i sent my socks yet but not received them yet! i'm super nervous!!! eek! i'm also excited to get mine i can't wait to have handknitted socks.....