Good Food!!!!!

I had a fantastic meal last night at Graze. Graze's menu is all appetizer sized portions of yummy things designed to share. We had:

  • The tomato, potato, rosemary, and pecorino soup,
  • The cheese plate, an aged Tillamook cheddar with homemade crackers, lightly dressed arugula, and a mystery fruit jam,
  • Sashimi of some kind,
  • Deviled eggs,
  • Cold Thai beef salad with carrots, lime, and peanuts, and
  • Sunfish with spicy peanut lime sauce.

Everything was phenomenal. You could tell every ingredient was super fresh. Nothing was overdone- very simple, straightforward flavors that went really, really well together. We also had a decent bottle of wine and an amazing flourless chocolate cake with caramel ice cream for dessert.

I had been warned that it was obscenely expensive, but the total price wasn't bad at all. I DEFINITELY want to go back.

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