Can't tell if it's allergies or a cold. Feels like allergies, but it felt like this as I got sick exactly this time last year. Blech.

Had another interview today. These seem to be going really well. As much as I like my current job, I'm glad I'm interviewing. This firm is small enough that there probably isn't a job for me when I finish law school. And, with all this student loan debt, I'm gonna need a job.

It's intresting to note that first year attorneys at big firms here make about half what first year attorneys at big firms in Texas make. That's a significant chunk of change, kids.

ANYWAY, not much knitting. No time. I got home last night around 8 and did NO HOMEWORK. It was liberating. I watched Sex and the City reruns, took a bath, and went to bed at 10:30 (SO EARLY for me these days.) I was running late to school this morning and then discovered a run in my pantyhose, so I skipped my class. I changed hose, had my interview, and that was that.

So no knitting. Is it rude to knit at a wedding? I have one this weekend.

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