Back in the Day....

When I was a kid (good Lord, I must be getting REALLY OLD if I'm starting a story off this way) New Mexico actually had winters and substantial amounts of snow. I can remember one day in elementary school when it snowed so hard all day that school was let out at noon. By the time the busses got to the school there was a good 8 inches or so on the ground, and almost a foot by the time I got home.

We had a light dusting of snow last night- barely 1/32 of an inch in my nieghborhood. The roads were completely clear.

Yet the university is apparently either delayed or cancelled all classes.



East of Oregon said...

Here in Alabama we may get snow two days a year... but at the threat of it, schools close (before it actually snows).

East of Oregon said...

thanks for visiting my blog today! I'll check out the naplobomo link .. take care and be careful in all the centimeters of snow :)