Knitting for the Wedding?

A lot of people have asked me if I was going to knit anything for the wedding. I think NOT.

In June I thought about knitting a shawl or wrap for each of my bridesmaids, but people told me I was crazy. Then that same people suggested last week that I knit shawls for my bridesmaids, but there's just not enough time left. Besides which, even if I had started in June, that's a lot of lace knitting, especially given my utter lack of knitting time these days!

I love the huppahs people have knit as well, but we're our ceremony doesn't need one and I doubt that the church we're getting married in would allow it anyway.

I also thought about knitting an afghan or blanket or something for us to have at home after the wedding, but it would never be finished in time.

So no, I'm not knitting anything for the wedding. I might take my Birch shawl along for myself, since it will probably be chilly in the evening.

Still sick. Blech.

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beverly said...

I'm spinning yarn to knit a shawl for a special-occasion-with-no-date. I can't decide on a shawl pattern, though I know I want to have a rectangule...