I'm trying to work out a little more often than I usually do during the school year. I have a favorite workout tool: iTrain. iTrain provides guided workouts (think aerobics classes) that you download onto the MP3 player of your choice. They have cardio workouts for the treadmill, bike, stair climber and elliptical trainer; they've got strength workouts including more traditional weights, less traditional sculpting that includes ballet, yoga, pilates, and tai chi, and they have yoga style stretching workouts.

The first workout of theirs I downloaded was a 20 minute treadmill workout with Grace, the founder. It was a bit disconcerting to hear her say, "looking good!" as I bumped up the speed- how does she know I'm looking good? I could be sitting on the couch -but I got over that. The cardio workouts make 20, 40, or 60 minutes on a cardio machine much more interesting by incorporating different speeds and resistance levels... Beats the pants off the pre-programmed options on the machines at the gym.

I am definitely not a workout guru- I'm a little chubby, a little clumsy, and not particularly dedicated. But I'm making it to the gym a lot more often and enjoying myself a lot more because these iTrain workouts make it more interesting!


Jippy said...

This sounds exactly what I have been looking for.
I just posted about it on my site.

Patrick said...

It's fantastic... I'm using iTrain workouts programs... Those are effective and easy ti use...