New Socks on the Needles

Since I finished up the River scarfy/shawly thing and am down to one (okay, two*) projects on the needles, I figured it was time to cast on for another pair of socks!

I'm finally using my Greenwood Fiber Works cotton and elastic sock yarn in blue (click here to see the results of the dye job I did....)

WHAT GREAT YARN! It's super soft, super stretchy, and knits at a surprisingly fine gauge. If you have hot-feeted people in your life but love to knit socks, this may be the answer. I'm counting on that being the case, at any rate....

Again, I can't stress how fabulous Greenwood Fiber Works was to work with- so fast and so professional. Check them out!

* The one project that counts is Green Gable, and it appears to be going well. The project that doesn't count is the Clap, which I hate. I'm making it out of Brooks Fiber mohair in a blue/tan combo, which I also hate. I know! It's so sad! The yarn was so seductive in the skien at Taos Wool Festival last year, but I really dislike working with this stuff. It's splitty, slippery, and just unpleasant. And I forgot to drop one of the stitches a good 10 rows back, and this yarn does NOT rip out, and I'm not sure how to fix it. So bad color + bad behavior + bad knitting = time out for the Clap. Sigh.


meg said...

It's okay to abandon the clap - maybe one day when you are feeling really restless you can tink/rip back quickly.

I am really curious to see how your socks turn out - that yarn intrigues me! (Like I need MORE sock yarn.)

Leah said...

Ditto- damn the clap! I started that mofo in June, ran out of yarn in July, ignored it until a few weekends ago (when I finally bought one more stupid skein), and started knitting it again last night... because I was so desperate to ignore my homework that even the clap sounded appealing.

Anonymous said...

Is GreenwoodFiberWorks still selling yarn? Every time I check out her shop it's just got a couple of old items in it.