Sweater Curse

I've had bad luck with sweaters... I've even chronicled how bad some of them have been.... And yet, I try again. At least I have learned that worsted-weight tank tops are a BAD. IDEA.

Green Gables is on the needles. I'm probably about 2/3 of the way done with the body. It's going pretty well, and has become my primary knitting these days. I'm planning on adding long sleeves.

I'm terrified that it's going to be horrible. That it won't fit. That it'll make me look like a snowball.

And yet, I keep on knitting. I have flashes of optimism- maybe it won't stink! But mostly, I'm nervous.

How many sweaters did you have to make before you had sweater success?


Maeve said...

Hmmm - I made a few 'duds', including some that I've just recently donated to goodwill or wherever. But I'm learning - the more recent sweaters have been more successful, and I'm paying careful attention to "what went wrong" so I hopefully do better next time...

meg said...

I have heard that it is three sweaters before success really comes - perhaps you get all your 'learnin' out of the way and can make better decisions next time!

I have made some real DOGS - no offense to Casey!

Teena said...

I've made quite a few sweaters. The first couple were a bit scary (ha!). But there's just so many sweaters you can have so last year I started making afghans. They are a lot of fun too!

meg said...

I found THE pattern you must use for your pink and green Trekking - stumbled on this looking for something else. Same colorway and just BEAUTIFUL!


And I KNOW you have the pattern because we bought the books together at Taos!