Wedding Update

Things are really coming together- whee!

I finally picked bridesmaid dresses- we're getting them from Aria Bridesmaids in LA.

(This picture is from Lynn Lugo Bridesmaids- very similar style/color/fabric, but Aria is a lot less expensive.)

It's also time to order invitations. I think we're going with fairly traditional invites from Reaves Engraving. They do all of the engraving for Cranes, and their house papers are a lot less expensive.

Our photographer is Ginger Russell, who lives up in Santa Fe. I am so excited about working with her- I love her style and she is such a great personality fit.

The ceremony is going to be at the church I went to when I was in high school, the Cathedral Church of Saint John, and the reception will be at the Albuquerque Museum. We're using City Treats as our caterer- Stefani runs the Cafe at the museum, and she's FABULOUS.

Our DJ is Jim Gross at Carousel of Music (terrible website, but they come HIGHLY recommended from several people I trust), and we're using Melba as our florist (again, terrible website, but fabulous florist.)

Everything is really coming together. It's about time to meet with most of the vendors to get round 2 of planning started, but all the bones are in place.


beverly said...

The Aria dresses are gorgeous!

Ramona said...

I used Melba and she was awesome!