Knit Funk

It happens every time. I finish a project, get excited about starting something new, and then... the new project stinks.

I cast on for the socks, and totally messed up the figure 8 cast on I was using. Had to rip. Have ripped 4 more times.

My Aunt requested a Birch in black when she saw my blue one over the summer, but... Black KidSilk Haze? Impossible. Can't see anything. I cast on and knit two rows, then put it down, and the yarn ripped when I picked it back up- completely disconnected from the ball.

Annoying little stuff. I know I'll get back in the groove of things soon, but right now it's knit funk for me.


Gwyn said...

I can relate about new projects. Not so much about knitting, but this is a strategic decision on my part. I have to decide on projects that I know I can crawl away from long enough to go to class

Wendy said...

I have to wonder if we get a little post project depression that blurs our judgment spurring us on to questionable new projects.