Loved "Stranger Than Fiction"

C and I saw Stranger Than Fiction this weekend, and I LOVED it. The movie was funny, clever, and touching, without a lot of the slapstick comic antics Will Ferrell is known for. (For the record, I also loved Tallagega Nights and Old School. It's just nice to see Ferrell in this kind of role- he did a great job!)


East of Oregon said...

haven't seen Stranger than Fiction.. sounds intriguing. take care and happy Monday!

carmencab said...

Hi there, I saw your comment on another blog about you meeting your future husband online. Just saying hello from a fellow internet matchmaking. We met about 11 years ago, we were both in college, but across the country. My husband and I will be married for 6 years next month. We still feel like honeymooners. :)

Good luck with your wedding planning! My husband went to NMSU in Las Cruces. There's nothing like a NM sunset across the mountains. We were married in LC as well, and then he moved over here.

We saw Stranger than Fiction last weekend and loved it too. Will Ferrell did a great job! What a cute movie.

The Frog said...

I saw "Stranger Than Fiction" over the Thanksgiving holiday with my husband and in-laws and was pleasently surprised.

I wasn't expecting such a beautiful film.