Knitters, Knitters, Everywhere....

I'm wearing my Misty Garden scarf today, and it sparked a conversation with a coworker about knitting. I guess she's picked it up in the last couple months and is in scarf-production mode for Christmas. I was at a party last night and overheard one group talking about law school and another talking about knitting. Who knew there were so many knitters!

This Misty Garden scarf has turned out to be one of my favorite FOs- I wear it at least once or twice a week in cold weather. (I obviously didn't gift it as I thought I would when I posted the original FO!)

Green Gable is still moving along- about 3 inches away from the end of one sleeve, and then the other left to do. The sleeves are going so fast!

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meg said...

You never know WHERE knitters lurk! But they sure do show up when there is lovely knitting to be admired.

I put a Bittman cookbook on my Xmas list - thanks for the tip!