BUSY busy busy

Slammed at work, so this will have to be quick.

1. Finished Orangina. YAY! It fits! Photo shoot tomorrow.
2. Bought yarn this weekend. YAY! Meg and I went to Needle's Eye and Miriam's Well/Santa Fe School of Weaving in Santa Fe. Really liked Miriam's well- but nothing was priced, which was irritating. Attention New Mexico Knitters: Needle's Eye has a TON of Koigu....
3. I made Law Review! Whee! I'm going to be swamped this semester! Ack!

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stephanie said...

Congratulations on making Law Review. You will be busy! 1st semester of my 2nd year of law school was the busiest for me. Do y'all do on-campus interviews in August/September?