Not very interesting today, but pictures!!!!!

Knit night was great, but I was nuked. I am loving both of my scarves. (Oh yeah- I started a couple scarves! Aren't you glad I keep you in the loop?)

First up is my spiral scarf. Pattern from Scarf Style, yarn is Misti Alpaca worsted in a fabby plum color.

Next up is the random impulse yarn I bought with the fabby plum alpaca. Just 17 stitches across on size 17 needles, garter all the way. Just what I need right now actually- brainless.

The yarn is a brown slubby (cotton?) strand, a sparkly variegated strand, and a strand of rainbow and gold eyelash. I LURV it. Meg and I discussed- turns out the BROWN background makes it cool, while black would have made it cheesy. Meg is on to something with this brown thing, I tell ya.

Meg and I both showed up at Knit Night in our Oranginas and NEITHER ONE OF US TOOK A PICTURE! I even had my camera! Bad blogger, bad!

Oh well.

Today was a loooong day. Very intense. But in a good way! I may end up dropping a class. I have extra credits stocked up from my elective last semester, and dropping this class still leaves me with an incredibly responsible 15 credits this semester, and a MUCH greater shot at not having a nervous breakdown before fall break. Hm. Certainly sounds like the reasonable thing to do, especially since I'm not really interested in this course's subject matter.... Why am I having such a rough time with the decision?!?!?!

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Erin said...

Hi, Jenny! Just wanted to welcome you to the ring. Nice blog, too: we're happy to have you... and that scarf is gorgeous!!! :)