Lexis and Westlaw- fabulous resources or miserable timewasters?

So, I'm a little busy this semester. Time is crunched. So I'm naturally cranky when, though no fault of my own, I have to waste 2 hours.

This week, I have to waste 2 hours. One hour in the form of Lexis Nexis training on how to select a law review topic (summary: this tab gets you to a database full of already published law review articles, and this other tab gets you to a database of all the news stories ever published.) SO NOT HELPFUL. And, I get to do it all over again with Westlaw on Thursday.

Really, not helpful. Total waste of time, since I (a) sat through 3 training sessions on each product 1L year in which we covered THE EXACT SAME TABS, and (2) have to leave work early to go these things which are scheduled over the lunch hour which means that, two days this week, I don't get to eat lunch. Did I mention cranky? Thought so.

Anyway, that's that. Maybe I can knit my way through Thursday's session.... Hmmmm....

The new job is fan-freaking-tastic. Love it. Want to marry it. It's gooooood. Lots and lots of work (do I see a theme emerging?) but challenging and fascinating work. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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