Good times in knit land.

Yeah, yeah, no pictures yet. But there are some mighty hilarious things going on in the world of knitting.

Last night's knit night was a blast. We had a good group of old timers and we had pretty much taken over our usual corner of the coffee shop. All 15 or so of us hot young things were chatting it up and having a jolly good time. There was a sudden lull in coversation and poor S continued on quoting the portion of a popular rock song that goes, "my *#$& is bigger than your @*#$" (for those not present, *@#$ is a part of the male anatomy that rhymes with kick...). The man next to us got up and left, mumbling that something about needing a cigarette. Priceless.
THEN, when he came back, we were all talking about Bush/Kerry bumper stickers. Well, with all the bush euphemisms, you know how that ended. Poor guy will never think of knitters the same way.

Then there was the poor Yarn Harlot's post from yesterday. I cried while reading it, I was laughing so hard, then I dreamt about it last night.

Let's hope I don't dream about THIS tonight. P is obviously deeply in love with this woman as he KNEW the pictures would end up on the web... That's a good man.

Maybe I can get C to model the Ice cardigan....

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