la de da de da

You know what is a baaaad idea? Running over a giagantic power cord that is plugged in to an electric lawn mower with said electric lawn mower. Just thought I'd share.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I'm fine, the mower is fine, and the cord is shot. But it's definitely on my "don't do that again, stupid" list.

I'm ALMOST finished with the Ice cardigan I started waaaay back in early May. I finished the body by early June but haven't touched it since. After Orangina, worsted weight yarn on size 8 neeedles FLIES! I've got half a sleeve to go, then button bands. So... Close... I want to finish it this weekend...

The SockaPalTwoZa Mermaid Socks are coming along really well. I had to rip because they just weren't big enough around, but now I have 3" of the leg done. I LOVE the way they're turning out.

Other than that, my house-sitting gig ends today! That's IT.

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