Consolation Koigu

My SockaPalTwoZa plans have been foiled. I ripped and restarted the mermaid socks twice, each time majorly increasing the number of stitches, and they were STILL too small. Since we're approaching the deadline and I start law school again tomorrow, I have made an executive decision.

My sock pal has exactly the same size feet as me. She loves variegated yarn. I have never worn the pair of koigu toe-up socks I made this summer. I love these socks DEARLY. But the right thing to do is to share the koigu goodness with my sock pal and know that she will treasure them as much as I will. Besides, I think anyone would rather have plain koigu socks that are a wee bit too big than a pair of cotton mermaid socks that you can't get on your feet. That's totally a no brainer.

So here they are, my finished sock pal socks:

The colors are much richer and warmer in person- browns, pinks, sagey greens, and some lilac. They really are gorgeous.

I made the decision to send along my koigu sweethearts while I was in Austin, so I hightailed it over to Hill Country Weavers and bought myself some consolation Koigu, to make another pair for me:

All is not lost! I just have knit myself a pair of plain toe up socks with picot trim!!!


Allena said...

oh i know your sock pal will wear them with love! and the new pair will look wonderful!

Lauren said...

I really like those sock pal socks! So pretty! ;)

Just noticed you live in NM! I grew up in Roswell, and spent lots of time in Albuquerque too--I miss NM so much!

Linz said...

Double consolation koigu! Some for you and some for your pal -- perfect!
They look great! Good decision, and good luck at law school.