My time in Austin really is coming to an end, and that makes me sad.

My Mom needs to have an angeogram done, which involves an overnight stay in the hospital. I asked my boss today if I could take the week after Memorial Day off to go and be with her, and he suggested that I either give notice and have the last day of May be my last day so I don't need to come back, or take the time and give notice so that I'm done mid-June. It's all becoming so final!

My Mom can push the test out, and in fact would prefer to do so... So I think I'll give notice mid-June, with my last day at the end of the month, then leave town in early July- maybe 4th of July weekend? I don't want to leave before then. But I'll need to be in NM shortly after then for a prep class at the Law School (assuming I get a space in the class). If they really want me to leave work before then (sounded like boss was hinting I should get a move on) they can lay me off and give me a severance package.

I guess it is nice to see the possible window of move dates shrink from 3 months to 3 weeks. I've been saying I wanted exactly this for a looooong time. So it is a good thing.

In knitting news, I worked a few rows on Pagan last night and bought yarn for This free pattern from the summer Interweave Knits (it's the mitred square rug, in case you don't want to open the pdf.) I justified this purchase as supplies for a new technique- I've never done anything mitred/domino before and have wanted to learn. I have enough plain stockinette in my life right now- I want a challenge!

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