Wisdom once removed...

WELL, I will be MIA from blogland until Monday. I'm having the last of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and they're totally knocking me out- none of this local anesthesia crap for me! :-)

Anyway, expect a report of LOTS of knitting progress on Monday. Hopefully I will crank on Charlotte and make some serious headway on the Onde Tank- it's DEFINITELY tank weather here in central Texas.

Have you seen THIS GORGEOUS THING? I'm thinking of making one for myself... Gauge and yarn content looks like it's really close to Lion Brande Cotton Ease, which I HAPPEN to have laying around. Will it become this tank, or Pagan tank? Stay tuned!

For those who read French knitting patterns (I would like to, but we'll see how it goes) the pattern is available for FREE from Phildar....

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