But you look so normal!

So... I went to the yarn store on Friday and the woman working asked how my Charlotte's Web Shawl was coming. When I told her I was at row 130, she said, "But you look so normal!" She would DIE if she knew I finished it on Saturday....

Here she is! I still need to weave in ends, add fringe, and block some more. I'll be sure to post a final picture and write up lessons learned...

In other knitting news, I do not like Phildar Onde. I do not like it all all. I don't like the way it feels, I don't like the way it looks... I just don't like it. I discovered this when I found myself avoiding the tank top like the plague this weekend. But I will finish it and I will have learned a lot. Here's progress:

And I started a new tank- Pagan from Rowan 27 in my Pistachio Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I do like this yarn. A lot. So sue me for liking cheap yarn!

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