Two half FOs!

I finished the Alien!

I hope to felt it this weekend.

I also finished the back of the Onde tank last night!

This thing is super curly. And it's not as deformed as it looks in the picture- I didn't feel like pinning it down, so you'll have to live with the curly misbehaving photo.

And here's Charlotte's progress- I'm half way through the transition to the third color....

Sigh. I luuuuuuuuuuuve this shawl.

In other news, BF and I went to El Arroyo for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. MMMMM. Margaritas. Then he went to the record store, and I went to the book store. I sat down with the 1000 Sweaters book. You know, the idea is really good, but the reality is not quite what I was hoping for. I'm sure you've read others' comments about this book. I have to echo them. Small gauge, small sizes. I think it might be a good book for inspiration, but for now, I don't really need it.

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