Lots of knitting time this weekend.

I am so obsessed with this #$*&@$*%&^ shawl. I'm now at row 115ish. I think I may actually finish this in the next week or two...
Here's pictures:

The colors are pretty true in the first photo. Scooter absolutely could not stay away once I pulled out the camera, so I've included his mug shot for your viewing pleasure.

This shawl really is a blast to knit. I am really glad I took the time to re-chart the pattern in Excel- I learned a lot about the way the lace pattern progresses, and I'm not pulling my hair out, which I know I would be if I was working from the original pattern.

AND, I felted the Alien:

This is a good sized tote. Can probably fit a regular sized notbeook and lots of other pursey stuff. I bought some fabric to line the bag, but am not sure I'm going to do that. This is a gift, so now I get to call the recipient and tell her it's ready! YAY!

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