I did get some knitting in last night, but no particularly photo worthy progress. (Didn't I post recently ranting against this very thing in other blogs?? Sigh.)

I completed the stripes and started the handles on the felted tote, henceforth known as "The Alien". This bag reminds me of the alien scarf in Debbie Stoller's"Stitch N Bitch". hence the name.

I'm about halfway through the transition to color 3 on Charlotte, approx 64 rows in. Gawd, I love this yarn. I'm already fantasizing about colors for my next Charlotte... or just rolling around in Koigu like Wendy and her friend did in their Colinette stash.... :-)

I also worked on the Onde Tank, but only did about 6 rows when I realized I couldn't sleep.

The Koigu really is amazing. The colors are just unbelievable! Such great depth and character! And I do love the way the colors play against each other in this shawl. One thing I did notice is that the darkest color (at the outside edge of the Charlotte pic from yesterday) is thicker and fuzzier than the first and third colors I'm using... Not sure if that's because of the dyes used or what, but I'm glad to be heading back into the land of more delicate yarn....

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