Well... I got some interesting news Friday after my last post. My boss (the wonderful one, not the woman to whom I report, who is a cow) pulled me aside to let me know that I will probably be laid off in mid-May. I have really mixed feelings on this.

First, some background. When I was hired here 3 years ago, I had a REALLY unstable employment history. So my boss said he wouldn't lay me off or fire me for 2 years if I promised not to leave for another job in that time frame. Our interview was great because he took time to learn about me, my management needs, and my work style, and made sure I understood his management style. We've worked together really, really well. I'm very grateful that he gave me a month's notice. I told him about law school, and he is really really supportive. He may try to extend my time here to line up more with my school plans, but his hands are kind of tied. He said I should bust my butt so the woman to whom I report will have good things to say about me if anyone asks, thus extending my time here. But she's gunning for me anyway, so I'm not holding my breath on that front.

I had just gotten comfortable with the thought of leaving Austin in early August. Now I'm not sure if I should stick around here after my job ends, or just head home then. Tough decision. If I go home, I'll have free room and board and a great job working for my Mom's estate sale company, which I love. If I stay here, I'll need to figure something out. I have a couple leads on contract/temp work, which is nice. I'm also considering retail work (clothing stores, nursery/gardening center), catering/restaurant work, and maybe calling the camp I went to as a kid to see if they need help for the summer.

I hope I get a decent severance package. That'll make things a little easier.

I'm still trying to figure out if I should get another digital camera. I want one, but my income is evaporating earlier than anticipated, so I may wait.

On the knitting front, I'm really liking the Onde tank. I'm about 3 inches into the back and have started the waist shaping.
The cotton ease tank from SNB is coming along really well, too.
I finished the flower washcloth I started on Friday. (Did I tell you about that? The one from "Weekend Knitting"?)
Also started a knit watch cap in some gorgeous grey alpaca from elann.com as a good bye gift for my boss. The yarn is daaarn soft- may have to go see if there's more lurking on elann! I'm using a great pattern from Fig and Plum, which is a great pattern. I made one of these for the BF this winter and it turned out really nice.

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print. Be forewarned, though- expect wild vascillations in mood and thoughts on the situation approaching over the next few months! :-)

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