Bragging on me.

I have officially, as of this morning, lost 25 pounds. Yes, it has taken me 15 months to get this far, but I'm here and I'm still going. This feels REALLY GOOD! I'm also under 170 for the first time I can remember. Congratulations to me!

I did get a little knitting done last night.

Here's my progress on the "Spaced Out" bag:

This is the base of the bag, done in moss stitch. It's about an inch wide, and it needs to be 13 cm wide (5 inches?).

And the progress on the "Belle" bag:

I've completed the base and picked up stitches for the sides.

And my super brainless knitting, a diagonal baby blanket in Paton's Pixie. I'm affectionately referring to this as "The Muppet" becuase it's fuzzy and pink.

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