Thanks for last night!

The SNB last night was really fun. There were 4 of us, only 3 stitchers, but it was nice to sit and have girly talk. My best friend from high school and I stayed late and had a chance to catch up one on one. I'm so glad she's still in my life. She really is an amazing gal. I'm so in awe of the woman she has grown up to be- still very true to herself and her passions, yet mature and wise in ways I can only hope for. She's way cool. We're going to Hill Country Weavers, our LYS, tomorrow for yarn fondling. Good times. :-)

I worked on the Muppet last night, and finished my first ball of Paton's Pixie. I think this is going to be a 6-skein project. I also worked on the Spaced Out bag- close to finishing the base. I had to un-knit and re-knit one row 3 times because I got the seed stitch messed up somehow. I'm getting really good at fixing these kinds of errors!

Talked to the BF late last night. It sounds like it has been a great week for him up in Dallas for the refereeing stuff. He is probably coming home late tonight or early tomorrow, which is nice. I'm looking forward to seeing him. And we'll talk about the law school thing at some point this weekend, I'm sure.

Sorry I don't have any pictures for you!

Anyway, I should work.

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