Much happier camper today.

Hello! I guess I was a tidge cranky yesterday! Today is a much better day, I assue you.

I finished my project last night at work. There will be plenty of revisions, but the first pass is done. Which is a relief. I have a 2 hour review meeting with our marketing people on Friday to make sure all the terminology is up to date with their messaging stuff. Wheee! Then we have a 3 hour company meeting to review Q1 in each business unit. Can you say KNITTING TIME? I need to find something basic and fairly brainless to work on during that meeting- will keep you posted.

I did almost no knitting last night. I did rip the side of the spaced out bag. Frogging stranded intarsia=lots of tangles.

BF and I discussed law school again last night. I'm going, he's not moving with me. Which is fine. And strangely enough, this doesn't seem to be affecting our relationship all that much. Very interesting.

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