PICTURES! It's a miracle!

Allllrighty then... click to get a larger version of the picture in a new window:

Here's the alpaca hat for my boss, right before I ripped it:

Note to self: Do NOT knit 2 strands of hairy yarn together if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance that you will someday want to rip the item. I ended up with a hairy tangled mess.

And here's the muppet, in all its Paton's Pixie glory:

This is turning out decently. I don't particularly like it, but I think the mother will. It's going to be about 31x31, and will use about 4 balls of yarn. In the future, I'd knit it on smaller needles to get a firmer, more plush fabric.

My Onde tank, about 10 or 11 inches up the back...

I think this will be SUPER cute when it's done....

And the washcloth!

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