Tonight is our weekly Stitch N Bitch. My best friend from high school lives here in Austin and we get together once a week to knit. She and I are considered the experts, which I find hilarious as we've both been knitting less than 6 months.

Anyway, if anyone is in Austin and would like to come, we'll be on the porch at Flight Path Coffee House near 51st and Duval from 7:30ish till 11:00ish. Come on down!

I mailed the baby cardigan to it's destination yesterday. I finished the cardigan 2 weeks before the baby was due, mailed it 1 week before the baby was due, and found out that the baby arrived 3 weeks early. Ah well, at least I was close to on time with this one.

I did get some knitting done last night- I'm now at about 3 inches wide on the Spaced Out bottom. I also started "Kitti Pi" by Wendy of knitblog fame. Scooter loves my green Cascade 220 so much that I figured I should make him something with it. I have some green Lion Brand Fun Fur to go on the edge...

Gratuitous kitty pictures to make up for my lack of knitting pictures:

In the second picture, Scooter is graciously modeling the first baby blanket I ever knit. It's a diagonally knit blankie out of Bernat CottonTots, which I actually really liked- very very soft.

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