Another day, another dollar.

Well, I went home after work on saturday and just felt like junk- borderline sinus infection. So much for Hot Date with the BF! Our hot date consisted of him driving me to the grocery store to buy drugs and Kleenex. Woo hoo!

Got a lot of knitting done on Sunday, though, while doing laundry. I'm about 2/3 done with the Muppet, which is due for the baby shower this coming Sunday. I'll really need to focus on that for most of this week.

I'm about 9" up the back of the Onde tank. I sure hope it fits!

Also worked on the alpaca hat for my boss, and the black felted bag for a friend. So exciting!

I'm also culling my magazine collection. Manged to reduce 50 foodie magazines down to about 2 magazines worth of clippings. Now to tackle my Real Simple, In Style, and Martha Stewart collections.

Camera is due to arrive tomorrow- YAY!

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