What the....?

It has been in the 50s and raining since Saturday afternoon. It's normally 70s or 80s and sunny. What's going on??? I'm not complaining though, since it has been PERFECT knitting weather.

Got no knitting done on Saturday as I was scrambling to find a cardigan and a pair of tan shoes to wear with my Easter dress. I did make time to go to the LYS with my buddy who has a new blog (I'll get the URL later!) but did not buy a single thing. SUCH restraint! Actually, this yarn store never has what I want in stock. I guess I'm doomed to be an internet yarn buyer until I move to a town with a decent yarn store.

Sunday got in lots of knitting- drove with the BF to his parents' house in Bryan, TX, an hour and a half each way. Then also knit Sunday afternoon while everyone else napped. Here's my progress.

Kitty Pi:

I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. But, it's leftover yarn so we'll see. If it's a total failure, I'm out $7.

Spaced Out bag:

I finished the base, shown above, and picked up stitches for the first side after I took the picture above. It looks more or less the same as what you see here.

Onde Along:
I finally decided what to make! I'm going to give the "Lilith" tank by Berroco a try. It's knit flat, which I like with this yarn...

I'm about an inch into the back. VERY exciting picture, no???

Well, the BF and I started our conversation about law school. I didn't tell him I'm for SURE going, just started the dialogue. We'll see how the conversation progresses.

I've noticed that whenever I talk about the law school thing I couch it in terms of "IF I go..." I know inside I'm going to go... So why don't I just say it in conversations?

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