An ode to knitting.

I freaking love to knit.

Apparently my Mom tried to teach me several times when I was a kid and I would have none of it. NONE. She tried to teach me again around Christmas 2002. I picked it up about 7 months later and have not stopped stitching since!

There are several things that I love about knitting:

  • Knitting gives me something to do with my hands. This is a plus because it keeps me from snacking at night. Huge plus.
  • Knitting produces a tangible result. It is immensely satisfying to pick up two sticks and some string and end up with SOMETHING. In this computer focused world of mine, it is really nice to have something tangible to show for my time.
  • Knitting is very relaxing. There's something about the rhythm of the stitches, the tactile pleasure of yarn slipping through fingers, the visual joy of watching colors and tidy grids of stitches emerge. It's almost meditative.
  • I'm a very visual person. I am drawn to tidy stitches and patterns, yarns that yield crips results. I like watching color progressions of variegated yarns. I'm drawn more to color and pattern than texture. A good knitting buddy of mine loves the tactile side of knitting- fuzzy yarns, soft yarns, squishy yarns... It's interesting to see the different kinds of projects we choose.

I know I'm not saying anything earth shattering here. Just some observations I wanted to capture for myself.

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