Yarn Diet?

I'm doing enough dieting elsewhere in my life that I really don't want to claim a yarn diet. But I'm sort of on one... I agonized about whether to splurge on stuff at Patternwork's sale. I'm constantly watching eBay auctions for yarn. I have half an order e-mail composed to Threadbear for the Charlotte's Web shawl.

The problem is twofold. I feel like I should be saving money, especially since I am going to be a jobless and savingsless student again in a few months. I also get paralyzed when it comes time to make a decision. There are too many things I want to knit. There are too many yarns to choose from. I feel like my skills aren't quite high enough to warrant decent yarn, though I'm dying to feel it move through my hands! I also fear that I'll totally botch yarn substitution or fail to order enough yarn.... So for now I am going through what I do have (which REALLY isn't THAT much....)

Yarns that I find particularly tempting right now... in no particular order:

  • Noro Lily, but only because it was half price at patternworks. No, I am not going to look and see if it is still there in the hunter color that would look killer on me.
  • Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere to make the Classic Jacket out of Book Five.
  • Rowan Calmer. For no good reason. It just sounds scrumptions. I have fondleded it. I have no idea what I would do with it....
  • Anything by Colinette. I made a Point 5 hat in the Toucan colorway that I loved and lost.
  • KPPPM. Mmmm, the colors.
  • Mission Falls 1824 cotton.
  • Ribbon yarns. A friend of my Mom's found one that goes from hot pink to charcoal grey and back again- anyone have any idea who makes something like this?

Enough- I'm trying to write through the binge desire instead of indulging... Must... stay... strong....

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