A little background

A little about me. I live (for now) in Austin, TX. Austin is such an amazing town! I moved here in 2000 after working for a ski season in Vail, CO. I'm 27 years old, live by myself in a run down but very cute duplex in the central part of town, and I have a cat. Scooter is quite a piece of work. I have trained him to give "high five" and we're working now on more mundane tasks like "sit" and "don't eat my yogurt."

I currently work as a technical writer for a great start up company. My Boss is fantastic, though the woman I report to is a weirdo. As far as technology companies go, this is a great one to work for. The people are smart, friendly, responsive, and professional, though very laid back most of the time. However, I firmly believe that all software companies do business totally the wrong way. Software/code is nearly impossible to treat as a widget- instead of being concrete, well-defined, and managable, software is abstract, nebulous, and constantly changing. These things make it really hard to structure the work environment in a way that makes work/life balance possible. It's hard to see a talented group of people continually run into the ground by obscene schedules and inane goals. But such is the life of a technology worker.

I'm at a point with the tech writing where I will basically have to learn to write code if I want to go any further. And I really don't desire to go any further. Hence my desire to go to law school! At least I'll give a hoot about the content of the work I'm putting in insane hours for.

Speaking of work, I'd better get to it. I'll be back!

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