Sage advice...

Wise CLAUDIA said (scroll to the April 7th entry)

If you wouldn't go into a store and buy the garment ready-made,
you've got absolutely no business knitting it.

I have been thinking about this a lot in the past few days. There are a few patterns I've seen that I think would be fun, but that I would never buy in a store... Therefore I will probably not make them. I'm glad Claudia laid it all out in such plain language for me!!!!!

However, I have noticed my taste in knitwear has/is changed/changing since I have started knitting. I'm suddenly looking at cabled garments. I'm fascinated by friend's sweaters.

I picked up a great Calvin Klein knit sweater at TJ Maxx for $10 and I LOVE it! It's a raglan with slight bell sleeves, very fitted, and it has really cool stitch detail around the yoke- I think it was done with cabling techniques... I should takea picture and post it here....

Anyway, I have a spreadsheet of patterns I've seen that I'd like to make. The spreadsheet includes info like yardage, original yarn, gauge, needles, etc etc. I actually keep a printed version in my wallet so I'm not at a complete loss when I walk in to a yarn store. Yes, I'm a dork. Yes, I got endless flack when I pulled out my list at our last SNB. But I like knowing I have it and it will be useful.

Anyway, I think I need to purge the list based on whether or not I would buy the sweater/tank/purse/whatever if I saw it in a store- I think this will help ensure that my knitting projects end in happiness and use, not in shame and hiding/donating to charity.

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